Educational App Development in 2023: Cost, Process, and More

If there’s a lack of periodic evaluations, it may kill the entire purpose. Hence, it is important to have a continuous feedback loop mechanism in your eLearning app. Make sure that these are not time-dependent tests, leaving room for dropout due to unavailability. For some tests, you can also set time limits, self-assessments, so students can make the most out of the application. It not only makes a way for the learning experience but also helps learners to gain confidence.

Educational mobile app development

I’m Gianfranco Pintus from FleteAr, a moving company in Argentina. We are very happy with the service they provided and continue to provide even after proper deliver they accommodated our needs and provided us with a clean and well thought out software. Which is great in terms of progressive technology and new/exciting ways to present information. I envision a page on our school website where we can ‘promote’ our students’ productions. I like the idea of posting the codes to our Twitter as well.”

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Educational app development must be guided by other criteria, namely, assistance in making up programs of instruction, and perfecting the teaching process. Apps for educational purposes of a specific course such as driving lessons, medical programs et alia. The most popular programs in this regard are, of course, language learning apps.

Duolingo, Word of the Day, and flashcard apps are great examples of the microtraining method. This app type includes apps designed to be used in a classroom setting. Teachers can use them to help manage their classes by keeping track of student grades, homework assignments, and other important data. Students can also benefit from this app type by taking notes, studying for tests, and more.

The experience and expertise of developers in Soft Suave assures a successful yet attractive eLearning app. Not to compromise on quality makes Soft Suave the educational mobile application development preferable company for education app development. Soft Suave delivers interactive learning experience with top-notch Education app development solutions.

The application is available on both iOS / Android platforms free of charge with in-app purchases. Other supporting applications worth highlighting are Oxford Dictionary, Cambridge Dictionary, Evernote, etc. Many features are available for free on both iOS / Android platforms, but there is also a paid advanced version.

Soft Suave has experience in building educational apps for SMBs and start-ups at an affordable cost. Nevertheless, your customization will increase the price drastically. The DragonBox Numbers and DragonBox Algebra 5+ are designed for learners ages four to eight. DragonBox Numbers helps young learners to know about addition and subtraction.

Educational mobile app development

In addition to the standard leaderboards, medals and progress points, this application has a feature called Skill Tree. It visualizes the learning subject in the form of a branching tree so that the user can see the direction of learning and his progress in mastering the “skill”. If you want to implement something like this in your educational application, you should use – one of the most popular tools for implementing AI-powered chatbots.

Educational app development in 2023: all you need to know

Lack of resources, the complexity of developing and maintaining mobile applications, and cost are just a few factors that are stopping some educational institutions from building their own app. These factors, however, should not hinder you from developing an educational mobile app. Learning solutions for kids instill a love for learning through gamification mechanics and interactivity. Preschool mobile applications can also be used in classes to further aid in child development.

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Students will also consider the entrepreneurial aspects of bringing a new product to market using the startup mindset. This will include website development, the distribution and promotion of apps, as well as developing marketing strategies. In this program students will be introduced to embedded technology concepts through a combination of classroom lecture, project-based learning and internship opportunities. This program will give students a chance to participate in competitions, tech startup events, and attend field trips related to the program. The school year will end with an app showcase where students will present an app they’ve created.

50% have managed to improve their productivity thanks to gamification training features. Virtual and augmented reality have also become more widely used in online learning solutions. They can make your app stand out in the crowded market and attract tech-savvy users. Before starting the educational app development, you need to draw up a list with features for your project.

Assistive Tools

Moreover, you should provide users a convenient payment method via credit cards, PayPal, Braintree, etc. Through this dashboards, users can check which courses they participate in and adjust to their schedules. Here, they also can add their account details like subject, age, education, etc.

Educational mobile app development

It is said that the online course market is predicted to be worth $25.33 billion by 2025, growing at an annual rate of slightly more than 32% through 2025. These apps provide an interactive experience that helps students learn at their own pace and at any time, making learning fun and easy. Here are some ways that eLearning apps are revolutionizing the education system. A bunch of educational apps offer premium features or access to courses through payments. For example, the Udemy app provides users with tons of courses.

What are the must-have features for a winning educational app?

It will help ensure that the system meets your needs and budget expectations. Mobile learning is the future, and we’re already seeing it happen. In the US, 95% of people own a smartphone, and 45% are online most of the time. More and more people are using their smartphones, so investing in a mobile eLearning application only makes sense. So why should you invest money in a mobile eLearning application?

  • We can build you a complete dashboard to manage and broadcast your educational efforts.
  • Ads are the most popular monetization model since it allows customers to use the platform for free.
  • So that, using instructional videos is a great way to teach and keep them approach to the whole learning process.
  • In fact, it is right to say that the evolution of smartphones and mobile applications has redefined the way we learn and bridged a gap between learners and teachers.

Is an example of how we created a mobile application for self-learning. App developers can either sell the product to an institution or make an agreement to use their learning materials in the app. As you can see, there are numerous technologies and tools that fit a particular app development approach. To make a good choice, it’s crucial to take into account such factors as your project requirements, goals, scalability, and app security.

Prediction by Research and Markets data provider suggests that the global EdTech market will be worth a staggering $398 billion by the end of 2026. To help you make an educated decision on the type of app you’d like to opt for, we’ll discuss the cost involved in subsequent sections but first, let us discuss the market landscape. If they are too distracting and annoying, they can push your learners away. Like these would help teachers present their subjects more effectively to students.

UI/UX design

The benefits of mobile apps in education are bringing a huge impact in the traditional education system by introducing the power of flexibility, personalization, and engagement into the processes. Something that is making it possible to learn even beyond the premises of schools, libraries, and other educational organizations. The cost is determined by a number of elements, ranging from the complexity of an idea and features to be added to the location of an app development firm. Google Translate which has the ability to translate text recorded via your camera in real-time.

Types of educational apps

The project scope and a set of technologies impact your future team structure. Thus, you need to assemble developers with the right technological chops and cover the necessary software development team roles. Business analysts, project managers, and QA specialists also contribute to the successful delivery of your solution during this phase.

To implement the payment feature, you can integrate a secure payment gateway using a payment platform like Stripe or PayPal. This comprehensive dashboard provides students with all needed information such as purchased courses, current courses, the student’s progress, linked teachers, schedule of upcoming lessons or exams. They can view the course program, information about teachers, price, reviews, and other details.

We’ll be happy to share our expertise in developing educational startups from scratch. The technical stack is the set of technologies used in development. The stack depends on the tasks and goals of the application.

Improve and support your educational app

Online courses, language learning apps, and other online learning opportunities supplement the education process, making it more personalized and interactive. Another impact of mobile apps on education is offline & remote accessibility. They enable students to learn at any time and from any location on the planet.

First, let’s consider how promising an eLearning industry can be. Below we’ve gathered some essential information you should know about the EdTech market. Don’t forget about the interface design and ease of use of your service. And again, when it comes to children, user-friendliness is a must-have. Though some users might find loud sounds annoying and distracting, so it should be possible to turn them off.

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