Introducing The Bookmarket

The BookMarket is a viable literacy solution provider, our target is to bring books and other educational services to the over 100 million internet users in Nigeria. We aim to be the virtual lighthouse in the internet space by drawing readers to a ready hub of books.

About The Bookmarket

The BookMarket is a hub for books, literary enthusiasts, advocacy and propagator of education in Nigeria and the world. Our business would help to ameliorate the illiteracy level in our country which currently stands at 60% by providing a platform for the effective and prompt delivery of books and other literary materials.

Our business strategy is tailored and streamlined to close the gap between writers, publishers, distributors, and consumers. Getting access to a book should be as easy as a social media click or like. The BookMarket is providing a niche for local literary content, book clubs and literary enthusiasts to thrive and grow within Africa and the world over.

Our target market is the budding younger demographic who are internet users to pique their interests in books and literacy. Our drive is also to highlight the challenges in our education sector and proffering solutions and trends that would improve reading culture in our society through the internet.


To create a world (both real and imaginary ) that inspires and sustains a lasting reading culture in our society.


To be the hub of literary conversations, educational materials and global enlightenment in your physical sphere and beyond your imagination.


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