BookClub Awareness Initiative is one of the ways we are helping to build a reading culture in Nigeria and reduce the illiteracy gap.

In a reading community, more can be achieved and book clubs are the family niche where all good reading habits and cultures are formed and propagated.

This is an initiative tailored to :

  • Create awareness for book clubs.
  • Promote reading culture.
  • Increase membership of book clubs and expand outreach and awareness.
  • Enjoy discounts of up to 15 percent off book purchases for your members.
  • Promote the need and goals of book clubs in our society.

Participating Bookclubs would only have to send pictures of their:

  • Meeting ads (before the meeting or after)
  • Book of the month
  • Day of the Meet (with social media handles of the book club members)
  • Short Review of the Book of the Month (300 words or so)

Send your information to

Thank you as we look forward to your support of the reading community in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.