Providing functional skills to young girls thus improving their quality of life.
Pearls Africa Foundation is a social enterprise that promotes the cause and advancement of young girls and women with more focus on vulnerable young girls living in under-served communities through training in technology, skill acquisitions, entrepreneurship, mentorship and Internship placements.

Pearls Africa has a community of young girls and women in ( STEM+) field – Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics, including ethics, leadership skills, self-empowerment/development, confidence, public speaking, self-esteem which leads to economic independence.

Asides equipping young girls with functional skills, we believe that a girl should be trained from an early age while getting mentored by older women.
We also believe that every young, irrespective of background, should be given an equal opportunity as her male counterparts thereby bringing about gender equality and girl child empowerment.

We fight for girl empowerment so that young girls everywhere will be equipped with a voice with a chance to break forth in economic development.

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