My Path to Happiness


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The key idea of this book is improving wellbeing, developing the mind to see positivity and having happiness regardless of any situation. It covers aspects of life that people go through (depression, financial instability, self-doubt, relationship problems etc.) coming from ignorance as well as from lack of self-belief, which could be as a result of various circumstances like exposure and upbringing.Anyone can have a happy life if they have the right mentality and take care of themselves mentally and emotionally through self-love and having the right attitude to life. Life is not a fairy tale, and when this fact sets in, it is essential to be well equipped emotionally to avoid worsening the situation, harming oneself through self-hatred stemming from a ‘why me’ approach and seeing the good in these situations. Most times comparison leads to this feeling, instigating lack of self-forgiveness and also giving rise to self-pity. The truth is regardless of how invincible or perfect anyone seems, life isn’t always a fairy tale for anyone, and people have their own unpleasant stories to tell also. Problems or tough situations are as enormous or minute as people make them. It’s about perception, daring to see the good in it and being well equipped to handle them, making your wellbeing intact.The writer also shares true-life stories about herself as well as other people, shows her feelings and opinions about different life events, the wrong way tough situations were handled and the better way to have dealt with these cases for happiness and a better life. Living in different cities and meeting different interesting personalities exposed her to unusual situations, making her question stereotypes as well as what drove peoples’ behaviours.

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