What does a New Year mean to you? A time to write new goals and make new plans? A time to eat without measure, change diets, have new hope or take up new challenges?

You must have noticed that New Years often come with a vibe; an enthusiasm that grows in people to live differently again.

But more often than not, such goals only last for the first few weeks or two months at best. Then the lackluster lifestyle begins again. We retreat into our old self and start doing again what we promised ourselves never to do anymore in the New Year. 

But time doesn’t have to dictate to us the direction our lives should go. A New Year shouldn’t be the determinant of our seriousness in life. It’s just a calendar year that follows the orbit of the earth around the sun. It could’ve fallen at any time, September for example, the New Year of the Jewish calendar.

What Does a New Year Mean?

But what does a New Year mean? A time to eat, drink and merry. A time to relax and strategise again so you can plan for and have the holidays you’ve been longing to have. A time to be overwhelmed and simply nod head to the ‘wise words’ of people giving motivational instructions about the months to come.

But truly, what does a New Year mean? A fresh start. An opportunity to dream again and soar with new hope. It seems the idea of New Year resolution came from this understanding. An understanding that we can live and do better because we have the opportunity to begin again.

Seriously, what does a New Year mean? A time for the rising of your sun and the setting of your worries. A time to wake up from sleep because you won’t forever keep sleeping and dreaming. A time to be carried away again with the memories of what the future holds for you. A time to remember that you have all it takes to live your full potential on earth.

Tell me, what does a New Year mean? A time to carry hope across and leave regrets behind. A time to tell yourself again, ‘I can do this,’ even though you’ve been saying that to yourself years and years now. A time to try doing things another way, because there’s sure going to be new and better results.

Pray tell, what does a New Year mean? A time to read more books.

Stephen Wholesome