You must have ended the year 2020 telling yourself one thing; having reflected on your life knowing that it is in shambles, you didn’t write as much as you do, you didn’t stay consistently online, you didn’t build that online presence you aimed for. You were distracted, you admitted. You did nothing that mattered and you figured out you didn’t start with a better plan, and then you promised to be better in 2021.
You got down to work, yes, you got a pen and paper, you made a vision board, you drew the plans, you made sketches, you connected the dots and at the end you had a whole cardboard filled with what you called a ‘new year resolution’.
And now you see yourself at the end of 2021, still standing on that same spot you were in the previous year. You started something at first but got stuck at some point bacuse of the overwhelming plan you made, and you’ve been that way ever since. Which brings us to lesson number one:

1. Try to keep your goals to a minimum: Make a list of about one or two, at most three things and make sure they’re heavily connected in length breathe and height. You don’t need a great size of plan, you only need a small passionate idea to groom. One you know you can keep track of and achieve. Don’t go for a mighty herculean task hoping the vibe at the time of planning would let you achieve it. There would be good days and bad days and so your goal must be one that, No matter the weather, you would be able to do something, even if a little.

2. Let that goal of yours be a passion in one way or another: Let it be something you enjoy doing, something you can spend more than half of your day on without regrets, something that wakes you up in the morning and keeps you awake as you stare at your ceiling at night, let it be a second you.
Now how do you get ahold of something that you are passionate about? this must be the question hovering on all our minds. It is not an simple task, although, for some people it might be easy, for others, they have to think and experiment. Easy steps to solve problem and figure out what your passion is, are as follows;
-Make a list of things you are good at.
-Narrow that list down to things you enjoy doing.
-Think about your childhood days and see if there’s anything on your list that you liked to do.
-Now your list should only contain a few things, try them for a short period and see which one of them holds you spellbound.

3. Create a bunch of other sub-goals that would push you to achieve that main goal: If there is a tiny piece of sugar stumbled upon by an ant, and that ant was to get the sugar to the nearest nest, he would call other ants to help him so they can carry it together. The subgoals are like steps in which you climb up to get to the top. To be effective, they must help your main goal positively, just like the ants are helping their friend carry the sugar to the nest.

4. Seek help from people: No man is an island and we can’t survive everything on our own. Most of us have been finding this difficult to do but as the new year is approaching, get ready to step out of your shell. An adage says that whoever asks questions does not get lost. Talk to people, tell them you do not understand so they can put you through and show you the way. Who knows, your answers might just be on the lips of one person waiting for you to pop the question.

5. Self discipline: This is hard, I won’t lie to you, it takes lots of courage and sacrifice to slightly keep this at bay and focus. There are lots of things to distract us in life and self discipline is the act of mastering the control of your actions, thoughts, way of life such that you do everything according to how you planned it.
There are fews ways in which you can train yourself in the act of self discipline as we start on the new year:
-Always ensure you soak in the big picture. Paste your goals around your house especially in your room so that you can see it anytime you wake up. For me, I had to keep my listed goals as a picture on my phone or as my wallpaper because I know I was always on my phone everyday.
-try to prioritise everyday and choose to do what is important first before you do the less important things.
-If you still find it a struggle getting things done, talk to a friend or mentor and get him or her to be your accountability person to ensure that you are on the right track at all times.

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