If you were to count your blessings one-by-one, how many would you count today being the last day of 2021? Of course, they’re boundless, limitless, uncountable.

So why do you fret about the things you couldn’t achieve in 2021 and forget about the million blessings you recorded? I’m sure if you compare the two, your limitations in the year were few, since you can remember and count them. But your blessings were much more than you could count.

If it’s true that your blessings were much more than your limitations and lack, then you should be thankful for your blessings. Because as you think and give thanks about them, you preserve and multiply them. You don’t want to preserve and multiply your limitations.

Or do you?

If you’ve read this piece to this stage and are still reading, it means you agree with me that there’s need to focus on your blessings and not otherwise. It means you can be grateful all day, taking a minute to think about all the blessings you received in the year without losing count.

Let me remind you of one you hardly ever think about.


You’re able to read this article because you’re literate. Remember, when you were young and they were teaching you how to read, you didn’t like it. You thought they were punishing you. But now you read almost unconsciously and probably can’t remember anymore who taught you how to read. And in case you don’t know, there are more than 775 million people on earth today who cannot read or write.

Of course, I’m not asking you to play the ‘comparative-thanksgiving’ game by giving thanks with the mindset that you’re better than others who cannot read. All I’m asking you to do is give thanks for what you have and enjoy, for being able to read and glean information from every part of the earth without having to travel to every part of the earth.

Imagine how many books you’ve read this year (because I believe you have). Imagine how many blog posts and online contents you’ve read. Imagine the opportunities, blessings and eye-opening information you received just because you were able to read those contents. Imagine, just imagine how it would have been if you couldn’t read and access all the information you were able to access this year.

That’s something to be thankful for among a million others. Isn’t it?


It’s possible that you’re making plans already to read this and that book next year because the ride you had with books this year was exciting. Who knows, maybe you’ve set new goals for reading more books in 2022 because you think you didn’t read enough in 2021.

If that’s you, take it from me that you’re treading a good path, because it will always gladden your heart each time you read and complete a book. You’re a reaper, gleaning droplets of valuable information and stories from people who have intentionally dropped something for you from their farm of wisdom. An opportunity for you to garner more blessings.

Even if you don’t know and can’t say exactly why you read—a subject we’ll delve into in future posts—know that there’s always a number of blessings to count after every book you read.

And the more blessings you count, the more books you want to read.

Stephen Wholesome