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Born into a home filled with love, music, dance and laughter, and growing up in the 80’s, between trips to London and wherever else caught her parents fancy, Kafayat would come to taste glitz and glamour, the attentive care of a doting father and the feisty discipline of a loving mother. Life is beautiful, until a series of unfortunate events throws her perfect world into chaos.
When a series of unfortunate events throws Kaffy’s perfect childhood into chaos, she knows she has to step up and lift herself and her siblings from the sudden hardship they have been plunged into, but the road to success is paved with unending mishaps and disappointments. Through life’s travails, she will learn that to truly excel, she must rely on her passion and go wherever life’s beats lead her.
Alájòótà chronicles the life of Kaffy; from her tumultuous childhood to her rise as Nigeria’s foremost dance queen, and her endless pursuit to impart knowledge and empower youths through dance.

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Makere – Masobe Books


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