Rule The Tracks; Till The Soil.

“The land belongs to those who work it with their hands” Emiliano Zapata

The tracks go on and on with no end in plain sight, disappearing into the horizon. Although its purpose today may very well differ from when it was first laid by imperialists, it remains an umbilical cord tethering baby to mother, as we continue to await a long overdue birthing.

The soil is limited but that much cannot be said of its inhabitants’ growth and multiplication. An imbalance, particular of its reality and history, also serves as a premise and justification to the dictum “big fish eat small fish“. However, the bigger fishes move beyond their inescapable quest for survival to rewrite the history of the waters, of other fishes, make it so that only such written by its kind is known on land or by future fishes.

Turn thoughts to a much talked about election year approaching. Principally, the noteworthy events that’s occurred in lead years to d-day. This year seems pregnant enough with no one knowing whatever maybe the arrangements of providence. Like scenes from a Nollywood blockbuster, orchestrations of power will surely unravel with time and ethnic lines will be drawn.

What should the attitude of this generation be towards politics, history? It’s almost impossible to maintain a positive outlook on the proceedings and what might be the outcome of such. It seems rather too convenient for “the other” (the other faction responsible for switching off billboard lights on our beloved waterfront highway) to have as many as possible buried in social media antics, pop culture, temporary trends that sway the public from policies and institutions that stalls development and upholding of human rights.

We must concern ourselves with issues that affect people’s daily living. We must maintain a unified front against abusers of public office and demystify the process of our democracy that’s still very much an infant. Our focus must not be swayed, preservation of our national identity and the promotion of African unity.

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Yasmin Lednerreply
February 2, 2024 at 10:29 pm

Your passion for writing is evident.

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