Have you ever asked yourself why you love to read books? Or you believe your love for books just came automatically?

Don’t take your love for granted my dear. Because if you check very well, not many people love books the way you do. Some read only because they have to, either for academic or professional purposes.

But for you it’s different. Every opportunity you get you want to read a book. When you enter a bookstore—online or physical—you can see this and that book asking you to pluck them as though they’re fruits awaiting your consumption. But because the books don’t often come free, you carefully pay for the ones you think are suitable for you at that time and take them home to consume.

Of course, it doesn’t matter whether you read it immediately or not. It doesn’t even matter whether it stays 6 or 8 months on your physical or mobile (ebook) shelf. It doesn’t matter that you don’t get to read the book before you visit the bookstore again and buy another. What matters most is that you have the book at your fingertip and can pick it up to read any time your dear soul pleases.

Such joy!

Now that I’ve guessed correctly some of the idiosyncrasies you exhibit when it comes to books and reading, I should let you know that even though you hardly or never give it a thought, there are many reasons you love to read. And I’ll state some of those reasons here.




Whether fiction or nonfiction, there’s always a desire to know more, to add to your knowledge, to be aware of the thoughts others are capable of thinking and publishing for the world to access and read. You want to know what’s hidden in the belly of a book, as every book has a secret message being passed from the author to the reader.

I call that curiosity.

When next you pick a book to buy, borrow or read, remember that there’s a force driving you to that book. A force that will not let you rest until you’ve yielded to its call.

Your curiosity.

But that’s not the only reason you read now, is it?


Have you noticed that reading a book is like watching a movie? Engaging in such activities causes you to forget everything else: your worries, deadlines and goals. You’re away from the things that fill your mind on an average day. You’re in another world entirely.

Books have the capacity to transport you from the physical world into a mental world. A world where things aren’t the same as they are normally. At that point—and no matter how short the time is—all your senses are concentrated on the page before you and nothing else.

Sometimes, you just want to forget everything and relax. You just want to keep your mind off the things that bother you. You just want to relieve your chest of the burden that’s been inhabiting it for weeks. You want to forget work and everything else. You want to breathe freely because you know you won’t be able to monitor your breathing while reading.

So you turn to a book because it has the charm to bewitch you into such world until you’ve drunk enough of its allurement.  


Reading is a form of entertainment, especially when you read stories and well-written articles. Most writers are skilled at filling their stories with imaginative pictures that can entertain readers as though you’re watching a movie or seeing a live play.

These are the kinds of stories readers love to read. Stories that have the ability to entertain, fill you with laughter or emotion, and connect you to its inanimate characters.

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Sometimes when you need inspiration and want to be encouraged, you see yourself turning to books. You may read because you need encouragement to love again, to study a course or to bounce back after the passing of a loved one.

The beautiful thing is, there’s always someone who has been through what you’re going through and has written about it. And when you find such book, you see yourself being stimulated and inspired to love again. With the right book, you can be inspired to do business or invest again after losing so much money in business or investment.


Now, you’ve seen that your love for reading is a true one. It’s possible that you never gave a thought to any of the points mentioned above. But they’re true of you if you love to read. At one point or another, you have seen yourself being in some of the categories mentioned above and you’ve turned to books.

But if you continue like this, you’ll most likely not just read books. You’ll write your book and may even write many, publish them and bless the world with your books.

Untill then, keep reading.     

Stephen Wholesome

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